Typically Bremen

“Geiht sie oder steiht sie?” (“Is the river frozen or not, navigable or not?”) is a key question in Bremen as the river is its lifeline which has also helped the town gain considerable significance. Since 1829 Bremen’s traders gather each year for the annual “ice bet” and their foundation celebration is traditionally held in the Congress Centrum Bremen.

Bremen is characterised by all things maritime – local industry, science and also daily life. The Weser promenade Schlachte is, for example, one of the most popular promenades in the Hanseatic city, also offering numerous restaurants.

Hotels, accompanying programmes & more

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Bremen: the city of short journeys

4 mins.

to the Bürgerpark

15 mins.

to the City

20 mins.

to the Weser promenade Schlachte

The Bürgerpark

The people of Bremen greatly appreciate their 200-hectare green oasis very close to the Congress Centrum Bremen. The Finnbahn, numerous playgrounds and sunbathing lawns are just some of the recreational opportunities offered by Bürgerpark.

The City Center of Bremen

Fancy a spot of shopping? In the heart of the city center, numerous stores invite you to an extensive shopping spree. From the Obernstraße over the Sögestraße through the covered Lloydpassage, a varied shopping offer awaits you.

The Viertel

Like many other things in Bremen, high and subculture are found close to one another – including also in this district on the edge of the centre. The Kunsthalle Bremen and other museums as well as the Theater Bremen are also at the start of the Ostertorsteinweg road.

The Böttcherstraße

A road which is an expressionist work of art in itself – with the Böttcherstraße just below the Marktplatz, businessman Ludwig Roselius paid a tribute to his decaffeinated coffee, Kaffee HAG.

The Schlachte

Walk along this promenade along the river Weser and you can imagine you have stepped back in time to the Hansa era – experience Bremen from its maritime side along the Schlachte.

The Schnoor

Here the name says it all: in Bremen’s oldest neighbourhood which dates back to the 15th and 16th century, the houses all stand closely next to one another like beads on a “Schnoor” or “Schnur” in High German (or “string” in English)!

The Rathaus (Town Hall) and the Roland

The 600 year-old town hall with its Weser renaissance-style façade and ten-metre-high Roland statue from the same era are Bremen’s greatest cultural gems. The ensemble on the Marktplatz was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004.

The Town Musicians of Bremen

The donkey, dog, cat and rooster – all children are familiar with the animals from the famous fairytale. This memorial to them stands at one corner of the Town Hall and if you throw a coin into the ground a few metres further down, you will even be rewarded by one of the musicians thanking you!

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