A flexible combination of up to 7 halls and 21 rooms and lounges

From a conference room for 15 people up to the ÖVB Arena for 10,000 people

A venue with a total size of 40 000 sq.m.

Pillarless halls with daylight and dimming options

Site overview

Event dreams come true here: With a total area of more than 40,000 square meters, our 7 halls, the ÖVB-Arena and the Congress Centrum Bremen offer plenty of space for congresses, specialist speeches, discussion panels, trade fair stands and many more.

Discover our site by using the interactive hall plan and learn more about the various halls as well as the connecting routes and possible combinations.

The Congress Centrum Bremen
at a glance

With 14 halls and lounges, 4 group rooms, an impressive foyer and a spacious lounge, the postmodern-style congress building is suitable for congresses of any size.

Particularly practical: Hall 4.1, which is directly adjacent to the CCB, offers a generous exhibition area and additional group rooms. Get an insight into the most popular rooms for congresses here, which you can combine flexibly.

Der Hanse Saal, einer der Konferenzräume bei CONGRESS BREMEN. Der Blick geht von ganz hinten nach vorne auf eine Leinwand, davor befinden sich runde Tische mit Stühlen davor.

Hanse Saal

Area: 1,100 sqm

Chair Rows: 1.300 seats

Der Blick von der Hanse Empore in den Hanse Saal.

Hanse Empore

Area: 370 sqm

Chair Rows: 370 seats

Kaisen Saal

Kaisen Saal

Area: 428 sqm

Chair Rows: 450 seats

Borward Saal

Borgward Saal

Area: 375 sqm

Chair Rows: 420 seats

Lloyd Saal

Saal Lloyd

Area: 200 sqm

Chair Rows: 170 seats

Ein Blick in den Salon Danzig, eines der Konferenz-Zimmer bei CONGRESS BREMEN. Tische sind als aufgebaut, Stühle herum drapirt. Der Fußboden hat ein schwarz-weißes Muster mit Kreiselementen, die sich auch am Stuck der Decke wiederfinden. Farblich bestimmt gedecktes Blau bis Türkis mit Schwarz am Boden und Beige an der Decke.

Salon Danzig

Area: 90 sqm

Chair Rows: 100 seats

Salon London

Salon London

Area: 90 sqm

Chair Rows: 80 seats

Salon Bergen

Salon Bergen

Area: 82 sqm

Chair Rows: 70 seats

Salon Roselius

Salon Roselius

Area: 82 sqm

Chair Rows: 70 seats

Salon Oslo

Salon Oslo

Area: 73 sqm

Chair Rows: 60 seats

Salon Scharoun

Salon Scharoun

Area: 87 sqm

Chair Rows: 70 seats

Salon Franzius

Salon Franzius

Area: 95 sqm

Chair Rows: 80 seats

Focke-Wulf Saal

Salon Focke-Wulf

Area: 252 sqm

Chair Rows: 200 seats

Gruppenraum 1

Group room 1

Area: 70 sqm

Chair Rows: 40 seats

Gruppenraum 2

Group room 2

Area: 51 sqm

Chair Rows: 25 seats

Gruppenraum 3

Group room 3

Area: 80 sqm

Chair Rows: 45 seats

Gruppenraum 4

Group room 4

Area: 103 sqm

Chair Rows: 80 seats

Lounge vor Gruppenraum 4

Lounge adjacent to groop room 4


Here you can download our hall plans, the key facts and figures on the specific halls and the capacities of the Congress Centrum Bremen.

CCB capacities under distance 1 m

CCB capacities under distance 1.5 m

CCB overview plan seating under distance

CCB plan under distance 1 m

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